ToxOtis Core Module 0.8.6 API

org.opentox.toxotis Container package for all classes and packages in ToxOtis.
org.opentox.toxotis.client Clients used to access remote resources and perform elaborate RESTful requests.
org.opentox.toxotis.client.collection Collection of useful URIs and MIME Types, ready to use.
org.opentox.toxotis.client.http HTTP Client implementations of the client API of ToxOtis.
org.opentox.toxotis.client.https Secure Client implementations of the client API of ToxOtis.
org.opentox.toxotis.core Core package of ToxOtis where the most important classes and interfaces are found.
org.opentox.toxotis.core.component Basic components of the project which fall in one or more categories specified by the interfaces in oeg.opentox.toxotis.core.
org.opentox.toxotis.core.html Interfaces for the manipulation and creation of HTML documents.
org.opentox.toxotis.core.html.impl Implementations of the interfaces in org.opentox.toxotis.core.html.
org.opentox.toxotis.factory Factories for the creation of ToxOtis components (implementations of IOTComponent).
org.opentox.toxotis.ontology Facilitate the manipulation of ontological entities using this package.
org.opentox.toxotis.ontology.collection A collection of ontological specifications like the OpenTox ontology for algorithms (OTA) and the Knouf BibTeX ontology.
org.opentox.toxotis.ontology.impl Implementations for ontological entities like models, properties and classes.
org.opentox.toxotis.profiler Trainers for models exploiting remote OpenTox web services.
org.opentox.toxotis.util Utilities for toxotis including AA functionality and spiders (parsers).
org.opentox.toxotis.util.aa Security facilities for ToxOtis like Authentication and Authorization against an SSo server providing the User's credentials.
org.opentox.toxotis.util.aa.policy Policy management tools for listing, creating, deleting and retrieving the owner of a policy.
org.opentox.toxotis.util.spiders Downloaders and RDF parsers for ToxOtis components.


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