Package org.opentox.toxotis.ontology

Facilitate the manipulation of ontological entities using this package.


Interface Summary
MetaInfo Interface describing meta-information for a resource.
OntologicalClass ToxOtis interface for ontological classes.

According to the OWL specification provided by W3C, datatype properties link individuals to data values.

OTObjectProperty Object properties link individuals to individuals.
OTProperty An interface for ontological properties used in OpenTox web services.
OTResource Interface for resources that appear in ontological represnetations in OpenTox.

Class Summary
LiteralValue<T> A simple wrapper for a value (usually String) and its datatype according to the XSD specidcation (find online documentation at RNC and the complete specification at the W3C web page.
ResourceValue A wrapper for a Resource assigned to some other resource through an Object property acting as a value for that property.

Validate an ontological model against the online OWL validator at


Enum Summary
WonderWebValidator.OWL_SPECIFICATION An enumeration of supported OWL specifications.

Package org.opentox.toxotis.ontology Description

Facilitate the manipulation of ontological entities using this package. These interfaces and classes act as the main components for the creation and parsing of RDF documents (OWL-DL compliant).

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