Package org.opentox.toxotis.core

Core package of ToxOtis where the most important classes and interfaces are found.


Interface Summary
IDescriptorCalculation An interface implemented by OpenTox components on which descriptor calculation can be applied such as Datasets and Compounds.
IHTMLSupport HTML support for online resources.
IOnlineResource Interface for an OpenTox component that can be made available online.
IOntologyServiceSupport<T extends OTOnlineResource> Declares that a class is supported by the ontology service.
IOTComponent<T extends IOTComponent> Generic interface for all OpenTox components in ToxOtis that can be represented as individuals in an RDF graph.
IRestOperation Interface documentation for a web service.
IStAXWritable An interface for components that can be written to an output stream using the Java streaming API for XML (StAX) using in particular some implementation of

Class Summary
DescriptorCaclulation<T extends OTPublishable> Abstact class that implements the interface IDescriptorCalculation offering some facilities for easier calculation of descriptors using a remote DC algorithm.
OTComponent<T extends IOTComponent> Abstract class that includes all OpenTox components.
OTOnlineResource<T extends OTOnlineResource> Any OTComponent that can be available online and has a URL.
OTPublishable<T extends OTPublishable>

An OpenTox component is OTPublishable if it is a class of online resources that can be created by clients, i.e.


Package org.opentox.toxotis.core Description

Core package of ToxOtis where the most important classes and interfaces are found. In this package one mainly finds interfaces and abstract classes that sketch what ToxOtis is about. One of the most generic interfaces here is IOTComponent which is the super-interface to all other interfaces of the package.

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