Package org.opentox.toxotis.core.html

Interfaces for the manipulation and creation of HTML documents.


Interface Summary
HTMLBody Body of an HTML document.
HTMLComponent Generic interface with no abstract methods that encapsulates all HTML-related classes.
HTMLContainer A div container for HTML content.
HTMLExpandableComponent A component that can include other HTML components in it like an HTML table.
HTMLForm An HTML form used to accept input by end-users.
HTMLHead Header of an HTML document.
HTMLLabel A label in an HTML document.
HTMLPage A page in an HTML document.
HTMLParagraph A paragraph of formatted HTML text.
HTMLTable A table in an HTML document.
HTMLTableRow A row of an HTML table.
HTMLTag Arbitrary user-defined HTML tag.
HTMLText Formatted text in an HTML document.

Class Summary
HTMLUtils Utilities for automatically creating HTML code.

Enum Summary
Alignment Enumeration of available HTML component alignments.

Package org.opentox.toxotis.core.html Description

Interfaces for the manipulation and creation of HTML documents. Using these interfaces and their implementations, one can create HTML representations for the components of ToxOtis (e.g. Algorithms, Models, etc).

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