Interface IOntologyServiceSupport<T extends OTOnlineResource>

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T -
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Algorithm, Model

public interface IOntologyServiceSupport<T extends OTOnlineResource>
extends IOTComponent

Declares that a class is supported by the ontology service.

Pantelis Sopasakis, Charalampos Chomenides

Method Summary
 T publishToOntService(VRI ontologyService, AuthenticationToken token)
          Publishes the underlying component to the ontology service.
Methods inherited from interface org.opentox.toxotis.core.IOTComponent
addOntologicalClasses, asIndividual, asOntModel, getMeta, getOntologicalClasses, getUri, isEnabled, setEnabled, setMeta, setOntologicalClasses

Method Detail


T publishToOntService(VRI ontologyService,
                      AuthenticationToken token)
                                               throws ServiceInvocationException
Publishes the underlying component to the ontology service. When an OpenTox online resource is published to the ontology service then it will be easily found through the lookup services of OpenTox and will be available in the demo applications of OpenTox (ToxPredict and ToxCreate).

ontologyService -
token - An authentication token is needed in case the ontology service
The published instance.
ToxOtisException - In case it is not possible to publish the resource to the ontology service either because the posted representation is syntactically/ semantically malformed or because the remote service experiences some internal errors (e.g. error 500 or 503).

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