How to set up a simple routed VPN

This brief how-to explains how one can set up a routed virtual private network (VPN) using openvpn in no time. In particular we deal with routed VP networks.

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Online Validation Web Services

This is an example of what 4 services - residing in four different places on earth - can do; and it is about the cross-validation of QSAR models on using data from, running on and with the access rights orchestrated by the SSO server at (over SSL).

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Standalone installation

Instructions on how to install JAQPOT3 as a standalone web application. The standalone installation is usually preferred over the use of the deployed instance of the services at either when one needs extra security (having the whole OpenTox network running on a local network or even on a single machine that is disconnected from the Internet) or for testing, debugging and development.

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Ooops... I deleted my favorite model!

What happens in case you delete by mistake a model or other resource that you actually wanted? Jaqpot web services provide you the opportunity to recover it within 30 days from the time of deletion. This is what we call the rescue web service.

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Access Control in OpenTox

Authentication and Authorization (often referred to as AA) form the very core of network security along with Accounting being the third 'A' of the trilogy. Authentication is the process of trusting a user's alleged identity by requiring certain evidence like pairs of id and password or attested digital certificates by some trusted authority.

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