Available algorithms

A list of implemented algorithms (as web services) provided by opentox.ntua.gr is available at http://opentox.ntua.gr:8080/algorithm.

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A&A for opentox.ntua.gr

Authentication and Authorization in OpenTox is based on Single Sign-on - a centralized system for managing access control on a distributed network of independent nodes.

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ToxOtis-db is a module of the ToxOtis suite. It is a Java library for accessing a MySQL database that supports the Jaqpot web services that run at opentox.ntua.gr:8080. In this article we describe the structure of the database and provide some examples on how one can make use of the library. Further documentation can be found here and the database structure is explained here in detail.

BibTeX web service

BibTeX provides a standard way to structure information for a bibliographic reference and an automated mechanism for citing these references. Here we have implemented a RESTful BibTeX web service that allows clients to create their BibTeX records on the server and use them as globally recognizable references.

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