Brand New OpenTox Wiki

Check out our brand new OpenTox wiki page at Find detailed documentation and information on our implementations (The ToxOtis-suite, JAQPOT3, Q-edit and more).


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Nexus Repository

The new NEXUS repository of is here! Download the ToxOtis suite including binaries, source code and documentation from The service will be running in test-mode until next Sunday, Aug 28 2011 when it will be released. This repo will host all software developed by the NTUA development team of OpenTox and in particular ToxOtis, JAQPOT and Q-edit.


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Tips on SSL certificates from the Java point of view

Tips on SSL certificates.

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Q-edit is a new QPRF editor developed under OpenTox which aims at exploiting implemented web services to
provide functionalities that facilitate the creation of QPRF reports by an end user. In this article we provide instructions on how to use Q-edit: The OpenTox QPRF report editor/viewer.

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Suitability of RDF

The use of RDF in OpenTox - An overview of the experience gained regarding RDF technologies and RDF parsing/serialization in Java. Evaluation of the choice of RDF as the common exchange file format among OpenTox web services.

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