The JAQPOT3 web services are OpenTox API-1.2 compliant web services. JAQPOT3 is a web application that supports model training and data preprocessing algorithms such as multiple linear regression, support vector machines, neural networks (an in-house implementation based on an efficient algorithm), an implementation of the leverage algorithm for domain of applicability estimation and various data preprocessing algorithms like PLS and scaling.

JAQPOT3 also comes with a web service for storing BibTeX entries which become also available in JSON  (example) and RDF (example) formats. Jaqpot provides asynchronous execution of tasks submitted by users, authentication, authorization and accounting mechanisms powered by openSSO and a monitoring access point mounted at /monitoring. Additionally, the deployed instance of JAQPOT3 at opentox.ntua.gr:8080 is being continuously tested by smokeping.

JAQPOT3 has been developed under OpenTox - an FP7-funded EU project and is an open-source free project written in Java. The source code is publicly available from github. Users that are interested in either developing a web service using JAQPOT3 or running it locally may consult this article.

Download the latest presentation of JAQPOT3 from here.

Important Links:

  1. OpenTox API version 1.2. - Absolutely important in order to understand the framework and be able to consume the web services. If you're looking for a client for OpenTox web services, check out ToxOtis.
  2. Deployed instance of JAQPOT at opentox.ntua.gr:8080.
  3. Github repository with the source code of JAQPOT3. The whole project is written in Java and integrated by Maven.