Q-edit - Load a Model


If you have a URI of an OpenTox model resource, you may enter it directly to the corresponding field in Q-edit:

OpenTox services list the URIs of all available models under /model. For instance check out http://opentox.ntua.gr:8080/model and http://apps.ideaconsult.net:8080/ambit2/model. You can also search for approved models that are also included in ToxPredict at http://apps.ideaconsult.net:8080/ontology. Copy a URI and paste in Q-edit as shown in the figure above. Then click the "Load" button or strike enter to load all information available for it. In case the model you chose is password-protected you will need to provide your credentials. The following dialog box will appear:

In case you don't have an account, you may just "Login as Guest" clicking on the corresponding button. Afterwards, you can inspect details about the loaded model - just click on the "Details" button that appears in the Model tab toolbar:

Therein one may find the Model's title (e.g. here it is "MLR model for LC50_mmol"), the prediction, dependent and independent features of the model, a link to its training dataset, all identified by their URIs. Later we'll show how to access more human-readable information about all these. If the model has a certain parametrization, this can be found in the second tab, namely "Model parameters":

Information regarding the training algorithm that was used to create the model can be retrieved by clicking on the "Algorithm" Button:

and the same way one can inspect all available information for the predicted and dependent features of the model: