How to set up a simple routed VPN - References


Now what? - References for further study

Ok, so far so good. But now what? Here we provide a list of references so that you can understand deeper how VPN works and if you like you can set up a bridged VP network.

Understanding VPN:

1. This wikipedia article ( is a good starter. It introduces the reader smoothly to the subject and explain the benefits one gets by using VPN.

2. A short non-jargon article is available from

3. At openvpn the guys provide a short footage with the VPN use cases illustrated (click on use cases demo). The "what and why" of openVPN is quite interesting to take a look as well.

Setting up VP network:

1. This tutorial was based on the instructions from However the article on the Ubuntu site refers to bridged VPNs. The section on client configuration however is very informative and can be used in all cases.

VPN security:

1. 10 tips to secure your VPN are given in this article:

2. This article on address certain questions on the security that a VPN offers which relies of course on its good configuration. One of the key phrases in the article is "VPN security is only as strong as the methods used to authenticate the users". I suggest that you read the whole of it!