BibTeX web service

BibTeX provides a standard way to structure information for a bibliographic reference and an automated mechanism for citing these references. Here we have implemented a RESTful BibTeX web service that allows clients to create their BibTeX records on the server and use them as globally recognizable references.

The Knouf Web Ontology

BibTeX entities can be represented in RDF by means of the Knouf Web Ontology. This ontology introduces the following classes with which BibTeX entities are classified:

  1. Entry - A generic class encapsulating all other BibTeX-related ontological subclasses (e.g. Article, Book etc)
  2. Article - An article from a magazine or journal
  3. Book - A book with explicit publisher
  4. Booklet - A piece of work that is printed and bound/collated, but without a named publisher or sponsoring organization
  5. Conference - See InProceedings (ontologically equivalent classes)
  6. Inbook - A part of a book which may be a chapter, section or just a range of pages
  7. Incollection - A part of a book having its own title
  8. Inproceedings - An article in a conference proceedings
  9. Manual - A technical manual
  10. Mastersthesis - A Master's thesis
  11. Misc - Use this when nothing else fits
  12. Phdthesis - A PhD thesis
  13. Proceedings - The proceedings of a conference
  14. TechReport - A Technical Report published by an organization usually numbered within a series
  15. Unpublished - A piece of work that is not published yet but has an author and a title

The Knouf ontology compiles also a list of ontological properties forming a complete system able to characterize and represent formally most of BibTeX entities standing up to the requirements of the most demanding user. You can find more information about the Knouf ontology here.