A&A for opentox.ntua.gr

Authentication and Authorization in OpenTox is based on Single Sign-on - a centralized system for managing access control on a distributed network of independent nodes.

How it works

The SSO server for OpenTox at https://opensso.in-silico.ch provides an authentication token to the client once they provide their credentials (username and password). New users can create an account using the online registration form at http://opentox.org/join_form.

This token can be used by the clients to authenticate themselves against the various OpenTox services (opentox.ntua.gr:8080, apps.ideaconsult.net:8080, etc). Users can login on opentox.ntua.gr:8080 at http://opentox.ntua.gr:8080/login and acquire an authentication token.

An authentication token will be returned once the user provides valid credentials. Note that in case you don't have an account you can use the username guest and password guest. If your browser has support for cookies and they are enabled you will be able to access the restricted are of the services.


User and User Quota

Users stand as REST resources on opentox.ntua.gr. In particular under /user you can get a list of all users that have created resources on the server. Try our /user/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see some basic information about the user such as the limitations on the resources that is allowed to user (e.g. maximum number of models). If a user has the necessary privileges, can access his quota (all users are allowed to access their own quota as well as the guest user's quota). As a counter example, if you try to access the quota of the user Sopasakis, you will be returned an error report with the status code 401 (unless you are that user, that is me).


User Policies

Logged in users can get a list of their policies at http://opentox.ntua.gr:8080/policy. You can choose a policy and update it or even delete it (see for example this).