Standalone installation

Instructions on how to install JAQPOT3 as a standalone web application. The standalone installation is usually preferred over the use of the deployed instance of the services at either when one needs extra security (having the whole OpenTox network running on a local network or even on a single machine that is disconnected from the Internet) or for testing, debugging and development.

Here we provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to install and run JAQPOT3 locally. Briefly, what one needs to have installed is a MySQL server and a Java Virtual Machine. Maven2 proves to be very useful in order to compile, build and run JAQPOT3. Additionally the installation of a git client facilitates the download of the source code of JAQPOT3.

The installation guide that follows refers to Unix-based systems. In particular this tutorial has been tested on Debian, Ubuntu and Mac OS X operating systems. Jaqpot3 can also run on Windows but it has not been tested yet.