Standalone installation - Upgrade and maintain

Maintain & Upgrade

For your brand new server you should take into account that you should do the following in order to minimize the downtime and avoid data loss:

  1. You will need to backup your server's database regularly to avoid loss of data. For that you can use the following shell script (can be also downloaded from here)
  2. Inspect the logs of your server for errors especially when you have a bug report. The logs are found under jaqpot3/jaqpot3-servlet/logging.
  3. Check out the Java Melody page of your server at http://your-server-name:8080/monitoring.

This is the script you can use to back up your database:

export now=`date +%Y-%h-%d@%H:%M:%S`;
mysqldump --user=your_username --password=your_password --databases toxotisdb > temp.sql;
zip BACKUP_$ temp.sql;
rm temp.sql;
mv BACKUP_$ ./sql-backups

Copy the generated file to an external storage device, mail it to your self or copy it to some other machine over SSH.

In order to upgrade your running instance of jaqpot3 to the latest version you need to create first of all a script that stops the current instance (This can be downloaded from here). This is as simple as:

bash ./;
cd jaqpot3/;
git pull origin master;
cd ..;
bash ./;